Hand with pencil pointing to part of lighting design


Expert lighting and product design to suit any project - whether you want to make a statement or provide a seamless, functional experience we have the design for you.

With experienced lighting and product design experts we can provide a beautiful and technically advanced design from concept to installation.

Glasses sitting on laptop with programming in background


Our technical team will provide a professional lighting control package to suit those wanting to paint and play with light or provide a slick user experience.

Want to integrate sounds and drama into your installation or ensure that no-one is left in the dark? Our team is skilled in creating smooth, easy to navigate control packages from one statement feature to entire building management.

Light bulb on blackboard background surrounded by an idea bubble


Whether you are starting from a blank sheet of paper or need a custom design for a project - we have the out of the box thinking to spark your project to life.

Our team's eclectic backgrounds have the mix of the dreamer, the engineer and the practical to ensure a truly unique concept. After all, sky-high thinking is marvellous but to get there you need someone to design the plane, someone to fly it and hopefully someone to supply the snacks!

Light bulbs hanging in a wave formation in front of brick wall

Colourful hanging Moroccan lamp display

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